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Limited Edition Building

South East Wall

Mission Contol Center for the Rescuer of the FutureHello,

I am looking for an interior designer with an attempt to build the interior design of Penthouse / Penthouse apartment with built-in staircase, sloping glass roof – SMART style Housing of the Future, to build a Panoramic / Avio tower for visual and e-monitoring of take-off / landing drones with access to the roof, where there will be a drone pad.

With the New 20, I will develop a new design trend for an innovatively designed home for volunteer lifeguards with home theater, e-mobility powered by AI with solar energy and driven by new technologies for Smart Buildings – Home of the Savior of the Future.

The SkyView Tower Panorama

On the roof of the building will be the CreativeLab that will work on designing the Mission Contol Center – a RescueLab for developing the RescueOne concept and a Studio for visual communications that will be filming, edit and produce the on-line media Extreme Journalism.

Our focus for the interior design is to be with a minimalist architectural style with its own outdoor vertical landscaped garden with selected vegetation and growing organic products. The idea is that the Rescuer of the future can, even in urban environment, to come out of his Digital Cabinet and pick out fresh fruit and make a bio drink from his own garden.

This is an experimental project for the new year and the first ever rescue base in Bulgaria, and maybe in the world, which will have its own volunteer rescue unit with its own training and fitness center, an indoor kart track, an outdoor moto off-road terrain to train newcomers, additional building for outdoor and indoor artificial climbing, auto and moto base for emergency assistance and response.

I provide the terrain, concept and equipment and everyone is welcome to join this initiative and our organization. The budget is unlimited because we are looking for the best and whatever it takes, we will find the right solution and the right people to be on board and write the future for the next generation of rescuers.


Ivan Kristoff

We are building the home-office for the Rescuer of the Future.

Rescuers will enjoy luxury at the highest level with beautiful panoramic scenery at sunset and sunrise. The new home for the Rescuer of the Future may have an indoor and outdoor wall for artificial climbing and a clear view of the Vitosha and Lyulin mountains in the heart of Sofia.

I really liked the theme of the movie OBLIVION and with a team of amazing people, we can make it a reality as we have the potential to build it with a drone platform taking advantage of the 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Thanks to everyone who responded to our request and helped us with very valuable insights. Things are going great and more than what we expected and believed could be developed in the context of the idea and profile of the project: How to develop the New Generation of Bulgarians for the next generation of rescuers.

Ivan Kristoff is committed to developing this topic, whatever is required and to see the results and comfort for the residents not only in the building and the neighbourhood, but this initiative will be an example of innovative and more fruitful thinking and action for the benefit of society, but also to accelerate the effect of faster rappid response and rescue.

For this, in the above shown TV reportage, you will se an interview from the roof of a BIT TV, where the view of Vitosha Mountain from this height is the same.

Дома на спасителя на бъдещето


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